Don’t just think about marketing, do it!

The boardgaming space is difficult to break into, and even more difficult to get noticed. I’m here to help indie game designers fund their crowdfunding games with the power of social media.

I help with game development, playtesting, and above all, marketing for your beloved projects!

My aim is to lower the threshold to get online and show off your projects.

Without a social presence launching a game on crowdfunding platforms is impossible.

Woman balancing boardgame on top of head

Besides marketing I am here to help fellow indie designers with various game development tasks such as…

The importance of playtesting

During playtesting you can learn a lot about the potential audience for your game.
Listen to how they talk about your game.
Are there things with your game that everyone seems to love?

Use this in your social media postings!


Having someone from the outside come in during the development of a game can help a lot in order to pick a direction.

Is it well balanced in terms of thematic approach and usage of supporting mechanisms?
Is the game marketable?
What sort of audience would there be for it?

These are some of the things we can look at together.