Meet Alex

I’m based in Sussex, UK where I live with my wife and two sons. When I’m not trying to teach them new games I can be found wandering the South Downs or noodling on some musical instrument or other.

Hi, I am Alex!

I am a self-confessed board game nerd, and have spent over 10 years learning about board games and game design. I run a local playtesting group for designers and love trying out new games and uncovering design ideas through play.

After training as a musician I spent some time in sheet music publishing, then moved into online marketing, advertising and data analysis for an online music retailer. There I became intimately involved in commercial writing, crunching numbers, and crafting user experiences.

It’s been a pleasure to step into the games industry and work with creators of all sizes. Being able to help people bring new projects to life has been super satisfying!

You know what else? Here are 3 fun facts about me

I take puns very seriously, and trained for many years even before becoming a Dad.

My life goal is to visit every continent, and I have two left to go.

I once tuned Kevin Costner’s guitar.