Meet Alexandra

I’m based in Louveciennes, France, a small town in the Parisian suburbs, where I live with my partner and my toddler. We spend our free time playing music and geeking about history and art. Since my start in the board gaming industry, we host at least one game night per month to share my discoveries with my friends and family.

Hi, I am Alexandra!

I come from a 5-year background in the French music industry.

During my years working with music tech companies I’ve developed a passion for social media and board games.

I shifted completely into digital marketing when the pandemic hit the live entertainment industry.

Through my various experiences, I’ve met Dina and joined her team as a Marketing Assistant.

I continue discovering board games and love creating content for this newly discovered passion.

You know what else? Here are 3 fun facts about me

Loves singing opera and playing the flute

Discovered boardgames at the age of 27 #itsnevertoolate

Loves to crochet