Meet Caylie

I’m based in New Orleans, LA where I live with my partner and our two dogs and two cats. We have a weekly board game night, as well as a weekly TTRPG night. When we’re not gaming, we’re usually cooking good food, taking the doggos for a walk, or catching up on trash TV.

Hi, I am Caylie!

I have always been passionate about everything nerdy, from video games and sci-fi/fantasy books, to RPGs and board games!

More than a decade ago, I started getting into board games, and my love for them has only grown! I feel very grateful that I get to be a part of the tabletop game industry and help board games succeed and get made!

My many years of experience in journalism contributes to my excellent writing and editing skills, my communication skills, and my eye for what the most important information is and how to communicate that in an engrossing and exciting manner.

I believe that board games should be for everyone, and I am passionate about encouraging inclusion and diversity in the industry and at the table.

You know what else? Here are 3 fun facts about me

I really enjoy weightlifting as my form of exercise, and I love getting stronger.

Sunk more than 350 hours into Stardew Valley on the computer alone, not counting time spent on the switch and the PS4.

Bake my own birthday cake every year, a red velvet cake recipe from my great grandmother.