Meet Timo

I’m based in Hämeenlinna, Finland. If I’m not on the computer I’m probably sleeping.

Hi, I am Timo!

I have been fascinated by games of all kinds for all my life, mostly video games, devouring them and content of them with endless hunger.

I am what you would call a media generalist I supposed. Starting with making videos of games and producing music in middle school, moving into dabbling with video game development and studying graphic design and video creation in vocational college.

Give me a computer, some games and projects to work on and I’m a happy boy.

You know what else? Here are 3 fun facts about me

Speedrunning is a passion of mine since 2014. I’ve been featured on Games Done Quick events twice.

I own only two board games.

I forgot the keys to my apartment inside once and had to climb from my neighbor’s balcony to mine.