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Clients review:

Had my last meeting with @Dinasaidso1 today she’s f$£kin awesome! A massive massive help with advice and marketing. Promised myself I wouldn’t rush anything – take my time and have a stress free KS campaign for #circuitry. So far so good. Nothing left to do but launch. 22nd Feb!

Originally tweeted by BloodMoonGames (@Moonfacedbaboon) on 19th Feb 2022.

Dina’s focus on helping others is outstanding. Their attitude dedication in the game board area is top-notch and their commitment to succeed is a result of this success.
Igan Mich – Terraternity

It was a pleasure working with Dina. Her knowledge of all things social media, board games, and Kickstarter is indisputable, and her responsiveness was greatly appreciated. Always supportive and enthusiastic, we are looking forward to working with Dina on future projects to come!

Anthony WC – Cranky Chincilla